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Written by tionam

July 27, 2011 at 5:02 pm

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  1. i really d-sire 2 purchase yur dvd but @ this time i shall not purchase it. i shall not purchase it using the nfamous ‘pay pal’ corporation. i shall not support tyranny, witch hunts, or political oppression of an ndividual or a group such as wikileaks, by the likes of aristocratic, feudalistic, plantation-like corporations, states, organizations etc. i hope u shall b able 2 find another way 2 make yur gret dvd available 4 purchase.

    terri a.

    July 28, 2011 at 2:55 pm

  2. Dear terri a,

    I’m actually fine with you not purchasing my DVD. I’m not exactly too keen on folks owning my work who talk or type in shorthand and use ridiculous typos to address serious political situations.

    As an uber independant filmmaker I must remind you that PayPal has done nothing but allow me a way to make money off of a film that took me almost 6 years to make. Their fees have been reasonable enough for me to provide a very low cost for shipping my film to patrons both domestically and internationally. Typically, when someone does not support or desire to use ‘PayPal’ they request an address where they can send a check or money order. I actually have a PO Box for such requests. What I do not generally receive is poorly written and condescending diatribes about serious issues that have absolutely nothing to do with my film or myself. I am selling my personal work, not some random retail items like toy flashlights.

    So in short or in your shorthand ‘typo ridden language’:

    ‘i hope u shall b able 2 learn how to type in order 2 make yur newfound political angst regarding paypal make any typ of sense. & if u really d-sired to purchase my dvd then u could hve respectfully asked 4 nother outlet’

    Please don’t bring that ‘plantation like’ bullshit talk to me while using Comcast internet and a Yahoo email account to leave comments on my film’s blog. Also let me remind you that Mr. Wikileaks Man is fucking rich, while I’m creating work on the behalf of a minority, and I am barely recouping what I’ve put in financially. Next time you should tighten up your argument, write in Microsoft Word and use the ‘check spelling’ option so you don’t sound like a born again baseless activist.

    Thanks for your interest in supporting my work!


    July 28, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    • wow! i appreciate yur response. the ‘short hand’ is a personal form of xpression of the view i hold with regards 2 the dominations of eurocentric culture. i meant no personal offense 2 u or yur need 2 earn a living.

      yes, i use yahoo, comcast & a whole host of other ‘rich folks’ outlets. it’s mpossible 4 me not 2 @ this time.
      so i pick & choose which i shall & which i shall not use.

      prhaps, u perceived a tone n the email that i sent, that i did not ntend, especially not 2wards u. i did not ntend 2 ‘attack u’ 4 utilizing ‘pay pal’. i was only ntending 2 ncourage u tht the film is gret (of what i’ve seen of the trailer) & i would like 2 support u n yur ndeavors but not using ‘pay pal’.

      i am quite sensitive 2 the plight of minorities & the marginalized all over the world. i c the world as a global community. all r as brothers & sisters 2 me. i suspect, we may have differing views of capitalism & the usa part n the world’s economics but certainly, we can have a positive xchange & nteraction that benefit us both.

      so i apologize, the tone of the email was offensive 2 u, again that was not the ntent. sumtimes i am 2 brief & ‘curt’ n the statments that i make. i tend 2 write n an artistic poetic/rap form utilizing ‘the shorthand’ that has so apparently offended u.

      i respect u & appreciate yur courage & work & have no d-sire 2 b a negative mpact n yur life’s ndeavors. if u feel it is 2 yur benefit 2 past on the p.o. box address, i would appreciate it. if not i shall understand.

      God’s speed with all that u hold dear 2 yur heart.

      terri a.

      terri a.

      July 28, 2011 at 6:27 pm

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